Our Coaching Philosophy Is Simple

Three Pillars of Success


A resilient, growth mindset is essential for success

Do your thoughts and feelings support your success?

Do your beliefs align with your goals?

Are you feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward?

Do you have limiting beliefs about money that keep you stuck?

How long have you felt this way?

Are you ready for permanent and lasting transformation?


We are the result of our habits, routines and actions

How do you spend your time?

What is keeping you from doing what you know needs to get done?

Are you achieving your goals through daily action?

Are you focused on your priorities and acting accordingly?

Are you ready to develop the habits and routines necessary for success?


Accountability ensures the right mindset and habits pay off

Who are you accountable to?

Are you living with integrity - doing what you say and saying what you do?

Where are you not getting the results you want in life?

Do you have support and partnership to help you follow through?

What will keep you motivated and taking action to reach your goals?

My wife and I have only had Rayana as our business coach for a very short while. Yet, in our last coaching call less than one month ago she made salient suggestions on changes we should make in our business approach and what we can do to “stand out from the crowd.” We took those to heart and implemented her suggestions…all of them. What a drastic change!


~ Scott Jenkins

Thanks to a wonderful coach who always had the answer and who kept pushing me forward.

~ Paula Orty

I enjoyed our coaching call with Rayana. She is very positive and motivating. She always gives us some very helpful pointers and leads us in the right direction. Thank you, Atlantic Property Partners. 

 ~ Cecil, Erica & Johnny

Rayana broke down an organizational overview of to do’s. We are so excited to obtain this wealth of knowledge from her. 

We have implemented the Action Plan Checklist to our weekly meeting & are looking forward to applying the KISS concept. 

Currently revamping our time blocking & getting ready to apply the golden nuggets. She really warped us into shape to succeed! Now we need to take ownership of our success & CAW!! 

Thank you Rayana for your in depth guidance in such a short time!! Many success’ to your future ♥

~ Darae Adriano

Rayana is an amazing business coach. 

She helps provide vital organization in an otherwise chaotic and seemingly overwhelming business. She was able to compartmentalize the different aspects of having a business and allowed me to focus on my area of greatest need that will ultimately grow my business. 

She provides practical and actionable direction with easy to follow processes. 

She is an amazing person who truly cares about her clients. 

Thank you Rayana for not only helping my business become more successful but to also help me grow personally too!

~ Randy Dunn

I cannot live without my Business Coach! She keeps me right on track and is so encouraging!

~ Kathy Thornburg

Rayana was an excellent business coach. She really helped with specific recommendations and guidelines so we could better organize our business operations and put systems in place that needed to be there in order to start scaling. We are very appreciative of all of her hard work and help and encouragement. Thank you!

~ Jennie Berger

Always love Rayana helping me crush my goals!

~ Andrew Castine

Rayana is so funny and professional at the same time, I don’t know how she pulls it off. She is level-headed and straight-forward. She offers concrete recommendations for how to get extra education and training in the real estate field. Rayana’s encouragement is so valuable to us. We were lucky to find her for coaching.  

~ Gerald Spence

What We Do

Your RESULTS are our priority!

We’re here to help you develop the mindset, habits and accountability you need to reach your goals and live your life on your terms.
We customize our coaching to match where you’re at in your business marketing, sales and operations:

Get Started

In this stage, you concentrate a lot of effort to lay down the foundation of your business. You are investing in the future to reap rewards later.  This is where all business start.

Get Moving

This is where you start to reap rewards and see results. This is a stage of accelerated growth where your habits, routines and systems start to payoff.

Gain Momentum

You have achieved a level of success and expanded past your current capacities. In order to take your business to the next level you have to constantly improve and refine your systems. 

Grow and Scale

Now that you have momentum, it is time to scale to a point where the business no longer needs you in the day-to-day operations to function and thrive. You are free to focus on higher level tasks.


Stay informed to gain the competitive edge.
Read our blog for help hints and training tips on how to startup, streamline, and scale your business to the next level.

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