Then that fear became my reality.
It sucked.

I was so disappointed and frustrated.

Can you relate?

But, it taught me a very valuable lesson.

Don’t do that to others.

So, I don’t.

I still take risks and invest in my business.

Because you really do need to spend money to make money in business.

In fact, this year, we have invested tens of thousands into coaches and marketing specialists, and VA services. Some of them have been game-changers in our business and some of them have fallen short of expectations and promises dismally.

We hit 6-figures in our business in less than a year. 

We are growing our team and have learned that no matter what happened in the past, we have to learn from our mistakes and bounce back quickly if we are not only going to survive but thrive.

Can you relate?

Are you investing in your business?
Take action. No excuses. Just results.

Comment “Me” if you are frustrated, stuck, or just starting out.