We help clients start up, get unstuck and scale quickly.  

In less than 1 year, Scott expanded his wholesale business from four states to over 45 regions across the US

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We help you develop an UNSTOPPABLE mindset to take action, no excuses, just results that empower you to…

Build Confidence

Mindset has a huge impact on our ability to take action. When we lack confidence, we are afraid to take action. We help you implement what you are learning by giving you opportunities to practice skills to master them. That builds confidence and motivates you to take action.

Develop Habits

Successful real estate investors have specific habits and routines that are the foundation of their success. We help you develop successful habits and routines that focus on income generating activities so you make offers regularly and get deals under contract.

Take Consistent Action

We’ve noticed that a lot of new real estate investors get stuck in the education loop. They become workshop junkies that love the possibilities but never take action to realize their dreams. We support you in taking specific actions that get results and develop routines that become automatic.

What Do You Need to Succeed?

  • Are you just starting out and not sure what to do first?
  • Are you struggling or stuck on something you can’t seem to move past? Perhaps you are an introvert and lack confidence in how to speak to sellers or realtors.
  • Do you have a restless streak and struggle with getting organized and time management? 
  • Do you miss appointments? 
  • Are you as productive as you could be?
  • Do you waste a lot of time wondering what you should be doing?
  • Do you avoid something because you don’t know how to do it?

Mindset prevents a lot of new investors from taking action. Sometimes it is unconscious. You don’t even realize what’s stopping you because it is such a part of you that you don’t notice it.

Limiting beliefs are insidious rascals that be the culprits that prevent you from taking action. Do any of these seem familiar to you?

  • I’m not deserving of success.
  • I am not worthy of being paid large sums of money.
  • I can’t do it.
  • I am too overwhelmed.

Or, perhaps there is a fear that stops you from putting all the pieces together in order to create a thriving, successful real estate investment business.

All you need is someone to help you over those mental blocks so you can get in the game and claim your share of the riches. When you overcome mindset blocks it boosts your confidence to take action and move forward

How Our Unstoppable Real Estate Investor

Facebook Community can help you:

We have coached thousands of real estate investors and noticed that a lot of them get stuck on learning, learning, learning but never getting around to doing, doing, doing.

At some point, it’s time to apply what you learn and take action.

What do you struggle with in your real estate investment business?

Time Management and Scheduling


  • Do you follow a planned out schedule or just wing it?
  • Are you organized and know what you are going to do each day and week? Or, are you overwhelmed and not sure what to focus on to be productive?
  • Do you plan income generating activities into your daily and weekly routine or get distracted and just react to whatever comes up each day?
  • Do you use a calendar system that really works for you? Can you access it anytime day or night no matter where you are? Do you look at it every morning to plan out your day? Do you miss appointments or expect other people to remind you of them?

Some people feel restricted by planning out a schedule but what they don’t realize is that planning out a schedule that you are in control of actually reduces a lot of stress and anxiety and give you more flexibility as well as freedom. 

You can build flexibility into the structure.

We help ease you into getting a better grip on your time management in a way that puts you in control and helps you be more productive. When you master your schedule it gives you a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind that you are getting things done. That way, when you do take a break to rest or relax, you can do it guilt-free.

Guidance on Exact Actions to Take


    A majority of the real estate investors we have coached have invested in expensive training programs to learn about the business. Education is great in order to learn about the basics.

    We noticed a phenomenon in a lot of new real estate investors. They get stuck in the education trap and think they need to know more before they can start. They get overwhelmed with too much information and then don’t even know where to start.

    We believe in the power of small, simple steps. Learn a little. Then do a little. That builds not just your knowledge base but also your confidence while practicing skills to master them.

    We walk you step-by-step on exactly what to do and how to do it. We even provide practice sessions for participants to role play and practice.

    If you feel overwhelmed and not sure what specifically to do with your days in order to get into your own groove and create a flow, we can provide the guidance and direction you need to take action, no excuses, just results.

    Leverage Accountability to Stay in Action


      Some people are empowered by accountability while others avoid it. Want to know a secret? ALL super successful people leverage accountability to stretch themselves to succeed no matter what.

      Our definition of accountability is simple. It is support that empowers you to keep going, to follow through and do what you said you would do so you achieve what you want to achieve. 

      Accountability keeps you going and shows you that other people care about you and your growth and progress. 

      We empower our clients with accountability, guidance, and support to overcome limiting beliefs, replace bad work habits with good ones, and let you know you are not alone on your journey.

      Accountability also has the side benefit of calling out the best parts of you so you rise to the occasion to be the best version of yourself. When you follow through and show up and do what you said you would do, your confidence and trust in yourself strengthens. And, other people start to trust and rely on your too.

      This is a key element of all our coaching programs because without accountability there are no reliable results.

      Accountability also builds community with like-minded people who you have common goals and values with. We are heavily influenced by the company we keep. Accountability helps us attract other successful people who are challenging themselves to go for it and achieve their goals too. Who doesn’t want to hang out with people like that? Right?

      Do you need more accountability?

      Track Results to See Proof of Progress


        Do you like to keep track of stuff? Are you good at keeping good records? Or is all of that a nuisance for you?

        Tracking key performance indicators (KPI’s) in your business is essential to keep you honest and in touch with reality. Numbers reflect reality in business.

        Two of the main reasons to keep track of KPI’s in your business is 1) for tax purposes, and 2) to have a sellable business. Without numbers you don’t know what is going on in your business. If you ever wanted to sell your business to another investor, they will require to see your books and analyze your numbers.

        Tracking also boosts your confidence when you see progress right before your very eyes. It may seem like a pain in the butt at first, but once you set up your tracking system, it is actually quite easy to track and doesn’t take much time at all.

        Are you tracking KPI’s in your business? If not, then how do you know if you are on track to achieving your goals?

        KPI’s in your business grounds you and gives you proof that you are making progress. And, it also helps you with forecasting future growth in your business.

        • What do you need to start tracking in your business?
        • What has not tracking your KPI’s cost you so far?
        • What would the benefits be to you to start tracking your KPI’s in your business?

        Develop Habits and Routines Centered on Income Generating Activities


          Without exception, all very successful people have habits and routines that contribute to their success. 

          You are your habits and routines. 

          Your life is a result of your habits and routines. 

          Are you happy with the results?

          Be honest with yourself. It may not be easy but it could be transformational. Awareness is curative. Once you notice something then you have a choice about whether or not you want to change it.

          A lot of real estate investors we have worked with struggle with developing habits and routines. Instead, they live in a state of overwhelm and chasing shiny objects and never seem to get any momentum in their business.

          Developing specific habits and routines is essential to success in becoming an unstoppable real estate investor. 

          We help you develop habits and routines that get results and save you time so you operate more efficiently. We focus on developing habits and routines around income generating activities to get you deals. 

          It is difficult to develop habits and routines by yourself. It requires discipline and perseverance. You don’t do it perfectly at first. You have to keep trying until you get it. On average, it takes 2-3 months to develop a new habit. A habit is an automatic behavior that doesn’t require effort to complete. 

          We guide you on developing new habits and routines that help you get the results you desire in your real estate investment business by focusing on income generating activities.

          • Do you have habits and routines established around networking, marketing, and making offers that are automatic and part of your daily and weekly routine?

          • Do you struggle with being consistent about what you focus on and give your attention to in your business?

          • Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster ride? Can you relate – some weeks you work on getting or doing deals and other weeks you don’t have much of anything happening and don’t really know what to do? 

          • What is it costing you not to have daily and weekly habits and routines focused on income generating activities in your business?

          • What would be possible if you were to establish habits and routines in your business?

          Is your life and business truly what you dreamed of for yourself and your family or could it use a tune up by establishing some new habits and routines?

          Gain Confidence to Make Offers Consistently


            New investors start off a little shy about making offers. It is a bit scary until they have done it often enough to gain confidence. The paradox for a lot of new investors is that because they don’t know how to make offers they don’t make them but in order to learn how to make offers you have to just get out there and start making them.

            We help build your confidence in your ability to analyze deals to make sure they make sense so you have confidence about making offers.

            Here’s the thing, making an offer has no risk until it is accepted. And even then, there is a due diligence period to protect you if you have to back out of a deal for some reason.

            Making offers is the only way to get a deal.

            It is the most important income generating activity in your business.

            If you aren’t making offers on a consistent basis – a minimum of one offer a day 5 days a week, then you won’t get deals.

            In order to be competitive in an aggressive seller’s market, you have to be making offers daily and should shoot for making at least 10 offers every week.

            If you are shy about making offers, we can help you build your confidence in how to evaluate deals and make offers.We break down the steps so it all makes sense to you and you understand why you are making the offer you are.

            What is preventing you from making offers every day or week?

            Do you lack confidence in your ability to evaluate a deal?

            Are you afraid of the risk?

            Making offers is how you get deals and make money as a real estate investor. If you aren’t making somewhere between 5-10 offers every week, other investors are getting your deals before you do. Ouch!

            Ready to do something about that?

            We can help.

            What Our Raving Fans Say:

            Andrew Castine

            One-on-one coaching with Rayana has made a massive difference in my life, professionally and personally. Having a busy life as a father of 3 little kids and a small business owner looking to grow and scale his business, weekly strategy sessions with Rayana have really given me the focus, direction, motivation, and added drive to not only meet my goals but blow them out of the water. Over the last 18 months while working with Rayana, I've executed a dozen real estate deals and I'm well on my way of adding 100 doors to my rental portfolio over the next 10 months!

            Kathy Thornburgh

            The Unstoppable Real Estate Investor Boot Camp is not your typical “one size fits all” package. It’s more like a giant fire gently lit under your “arse”! It’s what I needed to take the next step to success as an investor. Sessions are smart, efficient, and tailored to individual needs. Rayana and Michael are easy to reach out to and genuinely with you in the trenches! And…they care. UREI = SUCCESS!

            Paula Orty

            Thanks to a wonderful coach who always had the answer and who kept pushing me forward.

            We are a fun and friendly group of like-minded real estate investors who support each other’s success by sharing our experience, resources, tips, tricks and advice with each other in this dynamic and growing community. Come join the fun and get the support you need to succeed.